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A simple and stylish DIY knitted vase

A simple and stylish DIY knitted vase | My Cosy Retreat

Hello, my friends! I hope you all are in a wonderful Sunday mood. Here, there is so much snow and it’s stunningly beautiful outside. So I can’t wait to go out and have fun...

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Natural Christmas

Natural Christmas... | My Cosy Retreat

There are so many incredible ways to decorate you home for Christmas. But one is really simple and beautiful… Today we talk about natural Christmas, lovely scent of pine and minimalist green decorations. Take a peek at these stunning nature-inspired...

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10 gorgeously beautiful DIY rustic vases

10 gorgeously beautiful DIY rustic vases | My Cosy Retreat

I can’t take my eyes off these gorgeous rustic beauties and their lovely simplicity. In fact, over the last few years I became a huge DIY lover and some of my favorite creations are DIY rustic vases. There...

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DIY Valentine’s Day decoration

DIY Valentine’s Day decoration | My Cosy Retreat

There is only a couple of days left until Valentine’s Day but it’s never too late to inspire yourself and make some handmade Valentine decoration. I’m sure it will surprise your loved one and...

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