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5 lovely outdoor swing beds for your home

5 lovely outdoor swings bed for you home | My Cosy Retreat

Wouldn’t be just lovely to have such a gorgeous outdoor swing bed on your patio or backyard? Relaxing on these beauties will certainly relieve the stress after a long day. Take a peek : ) Photo credits: 1. flickr...


The stunningly beautiful tropical pools in Bali

The stunningly beautiful tropical pools in Bali | My Cosy Retreat

Close your eyes and take e deep breath…. I’m taking you again to the island of Bali and its eclectic mix of amazing hotels with spectacular tropical pools. I’m sure that these breathtaking pool views to the stunning...


Bohemian magic on the beach

Bohemian magic on the beach | My Cosy Retreat

If you are boho lover, I’m sure that these gorgeous summer picnic ideas will capture your heart. A true bohemian magic on the beach… And I love all of these stunning boho pictures with all my...


Dreamy summer outdoor reading corners

Dreamy summer outdoor reading corners | My Cosy Retreat

Hey, guys! Look at these dreamy summer outdoor reading corners. Such lovely and inspiring outdoor spots to spend a lazy afternoon with your favorite book. A true summer bliss… For more lovely outdoor inspiration, I’ll be happy to follow my...


10 adorable Provence gardens

10 adorable Provence gardens | My Cosy Retreat

Many people dream of living in Provence. Well, why not buy an old barn and turn it into a lovely family home away from the stressful city life? It looks so romantic!  And if you have...