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Let’s have a snow picnic!

Let's have a snow picnic! | My Cosy Retreat

Hello, lovelies and happy Saturday! I don’t know what are your plans for the weekend, but here’s my suggestion: let’s have a snow picnic! Don’t worry about the freezing temperatures outside. Just dress warm, take some yummy food...

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Summer bliss: backyard movie night

Summer bliss: backyard movie night | My Cosy Retreat

September promises to be hot with wonderful warm evenings and I’m still dreaming for more blissful summer moments. How about having a magical backyard movie night? It isn’t so tricky to create the best DIY backyard theater. All you need is a white sheet,...

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Stunning outdoor coastal lanterns

Stunning outdoor coastal lanterns | My Cosy Retreat

I’ve always been such a hopeless romantic. A huge fan of that magic atmosphere with candles, soft music and all those small beautiful things that could make you happy. In this post I collected for you stunningly beautiful outdoor...

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Beautiful beach picnic ideas… in blue

Beautiful beach picnic ideas… in blue | My Cosy Retreat

Hello, lovelies! Is there anything better than having a beautiful summer beach picnic with your loved ones? Here are some gorgeous beach picnic ideas in blue… I hope they will inspire you for such a wonderful day by...

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5 lovely outdoor swing beds for your home

5 lovely outdoor swings bed for you home | My Cosy Retreat

Wouldn’t be just lovely to have such a gorgeous outdoor swing bed on your patio or backyard? Relaxing on these beauties will certainly relieve the stress after a long day. Take a peek at this beautiful collection of outdoor...

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The stunningly beautiful tropical pools in Bali

The stunningly beautiful tropical pools in Bali | My Cosy Retreat

Close your eyes and take e deep breath…. I’m taking you again to the island of Bali and its eclectic mix of amazing hotels with spectacular tropical pools. I’m sure that these breathtaking pool views to the stunning...

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