Mediterranean summer bliss

Mediterranean summer bliss | My Cosy Retreat

Hey, guys! Were you able to have your relaxing beach holiday this summer? We had our serene family summer break in beautiful Greece in June. But it seems it wasn’t enough. And I’m happy we decided to...


The colors of Provence

The colors of Provence|My Cosy Retreat

How about having an unforgettable summer trip in beautiful Provence? Summer trip filled with the scent of lavender, fresh baked baguettes and French rosé. If you want to experience the true colors of Provence,...


Weekend tips: homemade lemonade with honey

Weekend tips: homemade lemonade with honey | My Cosy Retreat

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like delicious homemade lemonade. Well at least my family and especially the kids just love it! It’s healthy and so refreshing in the hot summer days. So why don’t you...


Happy weekend : )

Happy weekend! | My Cosy Retreat

Wouldn’t be just perfect to spend the weekend enjoying the silence of nature with a book in hand, having a picnic with friends or just staying at home and spoiling yourself with some delicious summer food? Wish you...


The stunning Casa Belquis in Italy

The stunning Casa Belquis in Italy | My Cosy Retreat

Today I came across this stunning Italian rustic villa, photographed by Adriano Bacchella and I couldn’t share it with you.  Casa Belquis is located on the island of Filicudi, one of the eight islands forming the Aeolian archipelago, northeast of Sicily....


Romantic getaway: the island of Capri, Italy

Romantic getaway: the island of Capri, Italy | My Cosy Retreat

The island of Capri has been forever one of the most charming and romantic destinations in Italy. Capri is known for its stunning limestone cliffs and beautiful villas overlooking the crystal waters of Tyrrhenian Sea....