Let’s have a lazy Sunday…

Have a lazy Sunday... | My Cosy Retreat

Good morning, lovelies! It’s raining and it’s sooo cold today… So I think we have the perfect excuse to have a beautiful lazy Sunday at home : ) I wouldn’t mind enjoying a late breakfast in bed and a good book or...


Get wrapped up in a long cardigan

Get wrapped up in a long cardigan | My Cosy Retreat

How is your weather today? Here is cold and gloomy so I decided to wrap up in my favorite long cardigan and go out to play with the kids. So here’s my today inspiration: the long...


The cutest tiny home on wheels

The cutest tiny home on wheels | My Cosy Retreat

Hello October! I’m so happy we have sunny and warm fall weather again. These days I realized that I couldn’t live without sun. Yes, staying all day at home while it’s raining outside could be...


5 gorgeous casual fall outfits

5 gorgeous casual fall outfits | My Cosy Retreat

Happy Monday, lovelies ! Fall is here but I still haven’t switched my seasonal wardrobe. I’m so grateful that September surprised us with amazingly warm weather.  Unfortunately it’s already cold outside and it has been raining for the...


10 amazing rustic Scandinavian kitchen designs

10 amazing rustic Scandinavian kitchens | My Cosy Retreat

I think the most important part of every happy house is the kitchen. That cosy place where you start the day with your favorite morning drink and prepare with smile delicious meals for your loved ones. Today I selected for...


Goodbye summer, hello fall!

Goodbye summer, hello fall! | My Cosy Retreat

Hello fall! I’m so glad you’re officially here. I’m ready for your stunningly beautiful colors and romantic autumn mood.  I can’t wait for the long Sunday family picnics and the happy outdoor play with the kiddos under the warm...