The stunning Casa Belquis in Italy

The stunning Casa Belquis in Italy | My Cosy Retreat

Today I came across this stunning Italian rustic villa, photographed by Adriano Bacchella and I couldn’t share it with you.  Casa Belquis is located on the island of Filicudi, one of the eight islands forming the Aeolian archipelago, northeast of Sicily....


Romantic getaway: the island of Capri, Italy

Romantic getaway: the island of Capri, Italy | My Cosy Retreat

The island of Capri has been forever one of the most charming and romantic destinations in Italy. Capri is known for its stunning limestone cliffs and beautiful villas overlooking the crystal waters of Tyrrhenian Sea....


5 lovely outdoor swing beds for your home

5 lovely outdoor swings bed for you home | My Cosy Retreat

Wouldn’t be just lovely to have such a gorgeous outdoor swing bed on your patio or backyard? Relaxing on these beauties will certainly relieve the stress after a long day. Take a peek at this beautiful collection of outdoor...


The most romantic sunset

The most romantic sunset | My Cosy Retreat

I sow this breathtaking sunset a couple of years ago while I was on summer mountain holiday with my family. You know that I’m a huge fan of sunsets and this one is the most memorable and romantic...


Summer dinner party inspiration

Summer dinner party inspiration | My Cosy Retreat

Hello, my dear friends! One of the reasons I love summer so much are the long romantic evenings under the stars. If you have a backyard, patio or large terrace at home you’re lucky one!...


White and serene rustic house in Brazil

White and serene rustic house in Brazil | My Cosy Retreat

This incredibly beautiful rustic home, located in the Brazilian town of Trancoso was once a Craftsman House owned by the potter John Joseph Calazans. Now the house belongs to the Former executive of JP...


Summer watermelon happiness

Hello hot, hot summer! I know how to survive in this unbearable heat… of course with watermelon! I just love eating it, drinking watermelon smoothies or homemade watermelon lemonade, eating delicious watermelon salads… There...