DIY Valentine’s Day decoration

DIY Valentine’s Day decoration | My Cosy Retreat

There is only a couple of days left until Valentine’s Day but it’s never too late to inspire yourself and make some handmade Valentine decoration. I’m sure it will surprise your loved one and...


Bohemian chalet in the beautiful French Alps

Bohemian chalet in the beautiful French Alps | My Cosy Retreat

Hey, guys! I’ve recently come across on this beautiful bohemian chalet, located near ski resort Megève and I couldn’t share it with you. The former farmhouse has been renovated by talented Belgian decorator Lionel...


Hello beautiful autumn!

Hello beautiful autumn! | My Cosy Retreat

When I was younger the autumn wasn’t my favorite season at all. After the sunny summer this season was so sad and gloomy for me. But five years ago when I was blessed to...