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The fabulous home of Sydney designer Frag Woodall

The fabulous home of Sidney designer Frag Woodall | My Cosy Retreat

My inspiration today is the fabulous home of Australian interior designer Frag Woodall. You will probably think that this gorgeous two-bedroom apartment is located somewhere in Scandinavia, but in fact it’s right in the heart of Sydney. The...


Romantic bohemian home in Australia

Romantic bohemian home in Australia | My Cosy Retreat

Wow, this peaceful and romantic bohemian place looks like a fairy tale! The lovely Australian home of Claudia, Levi and their gorgeous girl Eve really captured my heart.  Each room is beautifully decorated with plants, handmade furniture and so...


A stunning exotic home in Melbourne

A stunning exotic home in Melbourne | My Cosy Retreat

Although this stunning exotic home is located in Australia, its amazing decor takes us somewhere in North Africa… The owners Giovanni Mangano and Tory Flanigan have successfully combined the Moroccan inspired decor with amazingly...