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8 awesomely beautiful indoor swing chairs

8 awesomely beautiful indoor swing chairs | My Cosy Retreat

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! Today inspiration are these awesomely beautiful indoor swing chairs. I’ve always dreamed of having such a beauty at home. Besides being a wonderful touch to our decor, indoor swing chairs are just perfect for a...

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Emma François’ bohemian chic home in Marseille

Hey, guys! I can’t wait to share with you what a gorgeous bohemian chic home I found today while browsing Pinterest! Located in the French city of Marseille, this breathtaking place belongs to Emma François, owner of French fashion...

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A charming forest cottage in Sweden

A charming forest cottage in Sweden | My Cosy Retreat

Hello, my friends! I’m happy to show you today a charming forest cottage, located in Lindesberg, Sweden. In this chilly weather outside I wouldn’t mind spending a warm family weekend in such a dreamy place in nature. Owned...

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Bohemian stone cottage in Portugal

Bohemian stone cottage in Portugal | My Cosy Retreat

I’m happy to share with you this splendid bohemian stone cottage, located by the River Minho in Portugal. The country house has been beautifully decorated by the talented interior designer Marta Mendes Espregueira. Wood, stone, earth...

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Gorgeous rustic beauty in Costa Brava

Gorgeous rustic house in Costa Brava | My Cosy Retreat

This gorgeous rustic beauty captured my heart at first sight. Located in the small Spanish village of Pals in Costa Brava, the house looks like ideal family country retreat. The interior of the house is...

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