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A relaxing beach holiday in beautiful Greece

A relaxing beach holiday in beautiful Greece | My Cosy Retreat

Hello guys and happy July! We just got back from our relaxing beach holiday in Greece. God, I love this beautiful country! As in recent years we spent 10 amazing days in a cosy and charming camping, that felt like home...


Mediterranean summer bliss

Mediterranean summer bliss | My Cosy Retreat

Hey, guys! Were you able to have your relaxing beach holiday this summer? We had our serene family summer break in beautiful Greece in June. But it seems it wasn’t enough. And I’m happy we decided to...


Travel escape to Mykonos

Travel escape to Mykonos | My Cosy Retreat

Hello, guys! Let’s escape to Mykonos, one of the most romantic islands in Greece. I love the small white and blue streets of Mykonos, dotted with adorable cafes and shops and beautiful Mediterranean plants. Oh, and the beaches…...