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Lovely weekend boho vibes

Lovely weekend boho vibes | My Cosy Retreat

Happy Sunday, friends : ) Hope you’re enjoying a peaceful and relaxing weekend with your loved ones. Let me share with you this lovely collection of weekend boho vibes and beautiful decor inspirations. The combination of soft relaxing colors...


A charming and serene garden cottage in Sweden

A charming and serene garden cottage in Sweden | My Cosy Retreat

I’ve always admired people who don’t need much to be happy. Elin Lannsjö and Victor Johansson are a lovely couple who live in a small and absolutely charming garden cottage in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their calm and serene...


Designer Jody Olivier’s peaceful bohemian bungalow

Designer Jody Olivier's peaceful bohemian bungalow | My Cosy Retreat

I’m so excited to share with you the peaceful bohemian bungalow of talented designer Jody Olivier! Jody searched for her dream home for three years. When she found this lovely place, she knew it was the one. She created a magical and serene...