Monthly Archive: January 2016

A simple and stylish DIY knitted vase

A simple and stylish DIY knitted vase | My Cosy Retreat

Hello, my friends! I hope you all are in a wonderful Sunday mood. Here, there is so much snow and it’s stunningly beautiful outside. So I can’t wait to go out and have fun...


The fabulous home of Sydney designer Frag Woodall

The fabulous home of Sidney designer Frag Woodall | My Cosy Retreat

My inspiration today is the fabulous home of Australian interior designer Frag Woodall. You will probably think that this gorgeous two-bedroom apartment is located somewhere in Scandinavia, but in fact it’s right in the heart of Sydney. The...


A stunning white home in Cape Town

A stunning white home in Cape Town | My Cosy Retreat

Hey, guys! I’m so excited to share with you this stunning white home, located in Cape Town, South Africa. The owner and decorator of this beautiful place is the interior designer Shelley Street. I love every part of this gorgeous South...


Hally’s Cafe in London

Hally's Cafe in London | My Cosy Retreat

Let me take you today to a short trip to London. Oh, you don’t need an umbrella cause we’re a going to Hally’s Cafe, a Californian-inspired hangout in Parsons Green. A lovely sunshine place with fresh...


Romantic bohemian home in Australia

Romantic bohemian home in Australia | My Cosy Retreat

Wow, this peaceful and romantic bohemian place looks like a fairy tale! The lovely Australian home of Claudia, Levi and their gorgeous girl Eve really captured my heart.  Each room is beautifully decorated with plants, handmade furniture and so...


Sunday mood…

Sunday mood | My Cosy Retreat

Some lovely Sunday inspiration… Have a warm and cosy Sunday! Sources:  1. Pinterest  | 2. Indulgy | 3. Pinterest;


Let’s have a snow picnic!

Let's have a snow picnic! | My Cosy Retreat

Hello, lovelies and happy Saturday! I don’t know what are your plans for the weekend, but here’s my suggestion: let’s have a snow picnic! Don’t worry about the freezing temperatures outside. Just dress warm, take some yummy food...


A dreamy cottage in Sweden

A dreamy cottage in Sweden | My Cosy Retreat

The weekend is already here! So let me inspire you with this dreamy cottage in Sweden, located high up on the Tällberg slopes. It has breathtaking views over lake Siljan and Dala forests. This place really captured...


Bright and stylish apartment in Hague

Bright and stylish apartment in Hague | My Cosy Retreat

I’m happy to show you today this bright and stylish apartment, located on the top floor of a residential building in Hague, Netherlands. The apartment has been completely renovated by Global Architects. There is so much natural light in...