A couple of months ago I experimented with this amazingly tasty homemade polenta pizza, topped with veggies, mushrooms and delicious vegan cheese. Since we are both pizza and polenta lovers, this combination was a total hit! It was a wonderful gluten free alternative to traditional pizza and I’m so happy that everyone loved it at home, especially the kids : )

I topped our polenta pizza with tomato sauce, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, green garlic, fresh spinach leaves, mushrooms and vegan cheese. And it was amazingly tasty! I made another version for the kiddos as they aren’t such huge fans of green garlic and mushrooms. However you can make your topping with whatever you have in the fridge : )

Polenta pizza with veggies, mushrooms and vegan cheese | My Cosy Retreat

So here’s what you need for this lovely vegan and gluten free pizza.

Ingredients for Polenta pizza with veggies, mushrooms and vegan cheese:
100 gr polenta
300 ml water
1 tbs coconut oil
a pinch of salt
a pinch of basil
tomato sauce
green garlic
cherry tomatoes
red papers
fresh spinach leaves
vegan cheese