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Happy colorful summer home on Ibiza

A happy colorful summer home on Ibiza | My Cosy Retreat

How blissful it would be to wake up every morning in this happy colorful summer home, filled with so much love and positive energy! Owned by a couple from Holland, this Mediterranean little gem on the Spanish...


The Catskills mountain retreat of Amanda Bupp

The Catskills mountain retreat of Amanda Bupp | My Cosy Retreat

Happy Monday! Let’s start the new week with this amazing mountain retreat, located in the beautiful Catskills mountains. When Amanda Butt was looking for a perfect weekend hideaway, where to escape the bustling NYC, she saw the potential of this old...


10 amazing rustic Scandinavian kitchen designs

10 amazing rustic Scandinavian kitchens | My Cosy Retreat

I think the most important part of every happy house is the kitchen. That cosy place where you start the day with your favorite morning drink and prepare with smile delicious meals for your loved ones. Today I selected for...